Review of the Vancouver Crossfit Endurance seminar on Oct. 1-2

The Vancouver Crossfit Endurance seminar was led by Dan Hollingsworth, one of the head coaches for CFE, and hosted by Crossfit Vancouver. Dan was extremely knowledgeable, and he was a killer speaker. He kept the energy high and held the interest of the 25 attendees all weekend long. I learned a great deal of information over the two days and I am excited to apply what I learned to improve upon the results from my rookie triathlon season and help others achieve their athletic goals as well.

The seminar was a major eye opener for me personally because although I followed what I thought was a solid CFE training plan throughout my triathlon season, I really only tapped into a fraction of the potential this training system has.

Ideally a high end multisport athlete should be doing a 4-6 Crossfit and strength workouts a week, and supplementing that with 2 interval workouts per mode per week. A single sport athlete should do the same 4-6 crossfit workouts, and add on 2-3 interval sessions for their chosen sport.
Visit the website for more details on that.

The point is I didn’t do that. I should have, but I had only 6 months to learn the sport of triathlon, and prepare for an ironman. Therefore I focused mainly on doing the interval, tempo, and time trial workouts for the swim bike and run, at the expense of my 4-6 crossfit workouts. I still did a lot of strength work, did the strength and conditioning recovery workouts after races, and did 1-2 crossfit workouts per week, but without the intensity and constant variation from 4-6 crossfit workouts, you simply cannot maximize the potential that comes from this style of training.

Considering the results I was able to obtain, I am very excited to see what can happen when this program is followed by the book.

Back to the seminar……Both days contained a nice mix of class room style learning inside Crossfit Vancouver and practical application outside.

We focused a lot on running technique, paleo nutrition, mobility wod, and programming a CFE training plan for athletes of all abilities. Dan would break up each individual lecture component with running drills, video, video review, lunch, or simply a Q&A period.

Because it was a crossfit Endurance seminar it was only fitting that at the end of each day we did a Met Con style WOD.

If I were to add anything in regards to constructive criticism, the seminar was a little light on the science behind why this style of training is so effective.
That being said, all that type of information is available on the Crossfit Journal, on the CFE website, or in FUTURE exercise physiology text books :).
is also a great site for more science behind the correlation between intensity/strength training and endurance performance.

I highly recommend that you attend a CFE Seminar if you are able to do so. You will meet many great people and learn a lot of valuable information.

Overall the seminar was absolutely…..


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  1. the science is the only thing that matters

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